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Only Field & FairwayTM offers you an easy-to-apply way to improve safety, playability and turf health on your local fields. Poor turf conditions create a hazard for players, increasing the chances of an injury, which can ruin the game for everyone. But you can help–just keep a bag of Field & FairwayTM in your car, rake it in to trouble spots, and keep playing. Add Field & FairwayTM to your team TODAY!

Field Fairway

Protection & Rescue

  • Improves safety by eliminating muddy, slippery conditions
  • Rescues field by absorbing standing water and preventing mud
  • Speeds recovery between games
  • Applies easily in seconds – just pour, rake and play
  • One 50-lb bag absorbs 6 gallons of water

Prevention & Repair

  • Prevents damage, improves drainages
  • Store and releases water at the root level
  • Helps soil hold nutrients
  • Protects turf during dry spells
  • Apply to field before it rains
Field & Fairway Overview

Store a bag, Save a game.

Choose from Natural or Emerald to disguise worn turf areas.

Pour, ran and play
Pour, rake and play.
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